Essential Experience

We encourage change. For us, this means going back in time, rediscovering the original Jeri in dreams and preserving what we saw and felt when we arrived here in the 90s. Without leaving any traces, without causing impacts, connected with the rhythm and cycles of nature. Therefore, here you will be lulled by the movement and shadow of the same coconut trees that we found in the space where Vila Kalango was born.

Sustainability pulses in the details. This proposal guides our decisions and you can see it all over you as the furniture and objects that you find in the pousada are produced by us or in the region. You will find that around here the constant wind is the perfect freshness and that the lack of a power generator is due to its environmental impact. You will realize that television is not so much needed. That the beach is much prettier and cozier if preserved as in the early days, without chairs and umbrellas. Those who fly through our sky are birds, kites and candles, not helicopters and their noise. That the lizards and other local species live in harmony in our oasis and express themselves in illustrious visits.

For us the Vila is a temple, a place of immersion: in nature and in itself.

We made our choices. And each of them represents who we are and where we are going. We leave a little bit of ourselves in each and every person who passes through here and this is our greatest legacy. We invite you who stay with us to be part of it.

Community and Culture

When we set up our pousadas in paradisiacal places of the Brazilian coast, we began to make communities that have challenges and knowledge.
Everything we do takes that into account.

We prioritize the hiring and training of people from the local community, who are part of our history and grow with us. Several of these stories are behind the beautiful things you see at Vila Kalango: the design developed with local craftsmen and staff, dishes made by renowned chefs in partnership with the wisdom of local cooks, and even the choice of materials for chairs and lamps- many of them are discovered by our team.

We invite artists from the region to display their work at our pousadas (hotels or inns), so our guests can get a closer understanding of the local culture, and we never stop. We love Ceará and its people.


We only have 34% of built area. The rest remains virgin and untouched.

We act together with the Usina de Reciclagem de Jericoacoara association in the processes of recycling, preservation, and cleaning of beaches. They are our greatest asset.

We also grow an organic vegetable garden at Rancho do Peixe, a neighboring pousada of the same group. The vegetable garden uses the compost generated in the pousada itself and meets the needs of our restaurants, bringing even more intense flavors to our dishes.