Informed Consent and Clarification on Pandemic Covid-19

    I, initially, DECLARE that I have no symptoms related to contamination by COVID-19. I also DECLARE that I was duly clarified, expressly and ostensibly, about the current pandemic and that I am aware of the possible risks in relation to the new coronavirus, assuming any responsibility for possible contagion by the virus, due to my stay at the establishment.

    I also declare that I am aware of the measures to be taken for precaution and prevention, committing myself to carefully follow the guidelines of the teams and protocols determined by the hotel, including with regard to the use of a mask and alcohol gel, while staying in the hotel common areas, which brings protection benefits to other guests and staff.

    Finally, I declare that, in case of necessity of permanence in the facilities of the hotel beyond the period of stay, either due to the duty of isolation (quarantine) or any other condition of this nature, commit myself to bear the costs of the accommodation daily fee and other expenses surpluses.

    Check protocols determined by clicking here.

    We thank you in advance for your understanding and collaboration and we hope your return confirms the reading and agreement of these terms.