The breeze is carrying a different smell. It’s seasoning, but also love, and it comes from our kitchen… Mouths are watering! The Vila Kalango restaurant, now Vila K, is reborn with its own name, identity, and independence but remains part of the hotel and is ready to serve guests and the public with the same essence.

Experience the flavors of the soul of Jericoacoara and the creativity of our chefs. The smell let’s itself be known; the eyes get weary; and the taste buds indulge…

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Hours of Operation
Restaurant: 12pm – 10pm / Bar: 11am -11pm

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From the memories of the families, we brought to our menu the dishes, flavors and mannerisms in cooking. They are authentic recipes, which lend gastronomic techniques to rediscover traditional dishes – prepared with the freshest ingredients that our neighbor, the splendid Atlantic Ocean, has to offer us and with some gems from the surrounding mangroves and gardens.

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