Sustainability affects various levels of society, from the local neighbourhood to the entire world. We believe in intelligent developments, where we are responsible for the growth of an area in a responsible and sustainable manner.

We believe that simple actions can make a difference and contribute to making the world a better place for future generations. If we are faithful to our values, work in a sustainable way and encourage our clients, collaborators and suppliers to do the same we will be contributing to a better future.

All our collaborators are locals, people that fully understand the area they live in, which in turn makes them ideal to portray this culture and philosophy to guests and tourists. We support them by using local goods, whenever possible, in our pousada. For instance all our rooms are decorated using local artisan goods and most of our bungalows have been made using local goods and the local workforce. If you ask any local they will always indicate our hotel as the most supportive of local culture and the most environmentally friendly.

Our restaurant uses some vegetables grown in our garden and our food contains no GM products. 

We also turn trash into luxury here by separating and recycling our rubbish so that we can use it again in the best way possible, without harming the environment.

We encourage our guests to adhere to our philosophy by trying to use less water and electricity through simple little actions such as turning the lights off when they leave their room. To maintain the natural beauty of our region we participate in local meetings all year round to keep the area clean and raise awareness in locals about preserving the environment.

We believe that by bringing together the charm of the pousada, with exclusive products, and preserving our environment, we will be enriching the experience of our guests each time they come. 

Our accommodations were constructed with local materials in a sustainable way. During the night the illumination of our inn was designed so that it wouldn´t be too strong to provide visual pollution for the locals, but strong enough to provide a charm for our guests.

Our philosophy is to believe in, and act upon, actions that can make a difference and contribute to a better life, respecting mother nature and always seeking sustainable development.