Safety Rules

To guarantee that your season of sailing in Jericoacoara / PreĆ” Beach become more pleasant and safety, we ask for you to read the security rules intently below, elaborated by professionals accustomed with the local conditions.

• Please follow international kiting rules;

• Guests interested in kitesurfing will be redirected to Rancho do Kite, as well as windsurf interested will be redicrected to Tico Wind, our Windsurf school dependencies within the Vila Kalango;

• Unfortunately we can not vouch for those who insist on kite on Jericoacoara (Dune region after the Sunset, boundaries separating after the area of ​​kite sailing and windsurfing), since we can not offer the same security and rescue structure which is in Rancho do Peixe;

• With respect to the guests and for safety reasons, it was determined that the sea area in front of Rancho do Peixe, delimited by buoys, is unique to Rancho do Kite lessons;

• On the left side of this area (facing the sea, Jericoacoara direction), is the area for experienced raiders;

• To learn the practice of Kitesurfing, we recommend you to do through the Rancho do Kite School to learn the rules of sailing with all the supporting infrastructure to mount the equipment off and kite sailing. Moreover, it is also possible to wash, store and make all necessary maintenance within the school;

• Those who choose to learn from others, not a Rancho do Kite instructor, for security reasons, will be directed to sail after the village of Prea, they may use the framework to the guests of the inn to save sailors and wash their equipment, but may not use the restricted areas to school;

• Students will be identified through bands moored in the kite;

• The preference ALWAYS will be of the student;

• Respect the instructors who work in the beach;

• Experienced riders must keep at least 50m of distance of students;

• Tourists and visitors won’t be allowed to give lesson, even for family and/or friends;

• Please observe the signs of the beach (area of entrance and exit in the sea, area of landing and take-off, etc.);

• Do not to transit with car close to the water;

• Just park/stop your car close to the fence;

• Please do not smoke in the Guarderia or close to kites;

• Your kite is to stay on the beach for any amount of time unattended, please detach all lines from the kite;

• Only launch and land your kite in the “launching and landing area” indicated by the cones;

• Kiters that may endanger the safety of other people will be kindly asked to leave. If the kiter refuses to comply, beach officials will take care of the situation;

• On downwinders along the beach, if you are going through a school zone, make sure you are kiting OUTSIDE the marked buoys;

• In order to provide room for kiters getting into the water, and for bathers safety, please stay at leasy 30 meters away from the shore when on the water;

• If you are unable to stay upwind, please make sure you enter the water after the school zone;

• Every inflated kite on the beach MUST be secured to the ground. Put a lot of sand it the top of it;

Thank you very much for visiting Prea Beach and following the local safety rules. Feel free to contact us should you have any question or need information regarding the kiting conditions.

Good kiting!