Kite and Wind

Jericoacoara is considered one of the best places in the world for kitesurfing and windsurfing. Its windy all year round but the best season is between July and January where winds blow constantly between 18 to 35 knots everyday. The direction is side off-shore and the water temperature is warm enough that you don’t need any neoprene clothes. This makes it a true paradise for Windsurfers and Kitesurfers alike. 

The Preá beach is 12km away from Jericoacoara and is where the kite surf school is located. It is considered one of the best places to practice Kitesurf in the world. With constant, side on-shore winds. It is also the starting point for the well renowned downwind from Preá to Jeri.

The wave season starts in November and goes all the way through to March. Waves typically are over 2 meters high and in wavy days those that love wave riding can stay in the water all day to surf.

During the windy season it is possible to spot some professional riders like Marcilio Brownie (BRA 105), Gollito (V1), Andre Paskowski (G 2), and local riders such as Ian Mouro (BRA 85), Chico Bento (BRA 83), Edvan Souza (BRA 250), and others.

There are other kitesurf spots around (such as Tatajuba and the Lagoas) and should you wish to go on a one-day excursion our Kalango Expeditions team will be happy to organize it for you.


For those unaware, kitesurfing is a sport which has two main pieces of equipment: the Kite and the Board. The Kite is responsible for capturing the strength of the wind and combined with the board allows a person to surf and slide on the water.

Now try and picture the excitement and pleasure that strong on-shore winds and warm water can give a Kitesrufer. Welcome to Preá!

Imagine the feeling of walking on water and flying powered by the strength of the wind. Add to this the beautiful sunset and the sense of freedom that the wind blowing on your face can give you. That's what kitesurfing is about and Preá is one of the best spots in the world to experience it.

Rancho do Peixe operates a partnership with “Rancho do Kite” which is considered one of the biggest and best kitesurf schools in Brazil. They are based out of the Rancho do Peixe pousada and all instructors are IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) certified and have first-aid training. They are also multi-lingual and teach in English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and French.

The school operates at Rancho do Peixe which was voted the official Kite sport due to its constant side on-shore winds, warm water, and onshore current. Preá is a long large beach without obstacles which makes it the perfect place to practice kitesurfing. It is also the starting point for the world-renowned downwind from Preá to Jeri.

Courses last from one to three days and start with practical lessons on the beach. We also have a radio system connected to the helmet to stay close and give instructions to students once they are in the sea and alone.

We also offer this course in an even safer environment to children who want to learn early.

For more information about the school and the courses visit our website:


Windsurf is more well-known and is already an Olympic sport. A windsurfer stands up on a board (similar to a surf board) with a sail attached to it which typically varies from 2 to 5 meters. All you have to do is use the strength of the wind and direct your board to where you want to go!

Our Tico Wind windsurf school is located in our partner hotel Vila Kalango. Here everyone can learn how to windsurf and no prior knowledge is required. Our instructors are highly qualified and can give lessons in Portuguese, English, Spanish and Italian to beginner, intermediate and advanced students alike.

Our Windsurf shack is well-equipped with the latest Neilpryde and JP boards and sails available for rent. We also have special sails for kids (Hot Sails Maui Microfreak 0.8-3.2) to help them lean faster.

The school also organizes one-day trips, so that windsurfer can sail in different places close to Jeri which allows them to surf the entire day and learn more about the local culture.

To learn more about our equipments and our classes please visit: