The one who has been to Jericoacoara, never forgets it. With an exotic beauty and hard to describe landscape, the region is surrounded by dunes, virgin beaches, and real natural sculptures.
Located 300 km away from Fortaleza, Jeri as it is known, is considered an ecological sanctuary. In 1984, it became an area of environmental protection and practically untouchable. In 2002, it became a National Park. Today, it is one of the most important postcards of Ceará. 

Preá is fascinating for all its natural aspects where life is pure and simple, in close contact with a strong nature. The winds blow here from 25-30 knots all day, making the small village one of the best Kite spots in the world.

Pedra Furada is one of the most frequented in the region with the tour to Duna do Pôr do Sol, which provides images indescribable, it is a sideshow.

Lagoa Azul is characterized freshwater blue-green of a beautiful, white sand and wooden benches in the water to serve as a springboard. This pond has a large area, and its landscape is compared to the colorful Caribbean.

Lagoa do Paraíso is south of Jericoacoara is a huge freshwater lake (15 km long) with clear water surrounded by dunes. It has a good infrastructure for tourism to comfortable guesthouses and restaurants, and is used for windsurfing and sailing, especially in July and January, when winds. In this lake are prohibited the use of nautical equipment engine. The place is a total peace of mind.

The ones who like practicing sports such as Windsurf, Kitesurf, Sandboard and buggy rides by the dunes, can count on the geographical characteristics of Jeri, that provide adequate structure for learning such sports and for hosting international or national championships. 


With many beaches, dunes, coconut trees, freshwater lagoons, mangroves, and a rich fauna that includes crabs and seahorses. The eco touristic itinerary gets the attention of countless visitors. 

The itinerary takes place in the “Rota do Meio Norte”, starting by the “Lençóis Maranhenses”, passing through the Delta of Parnaíba, open sea surrounded by the charming landscape of the coast, until arriving in Jericoacoara. It is in this paradisiacal place formed by dunes, beaches, and beautiful lagoons of crystal-clear water that the adventure ends.