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Venha passar o Corpus Christi na Vila Kalango!

On one side the dunes. On the other side the sunset. Between them, an unforgettable meeting point named Vila Kalango.

Venha passar o Corpus Christi na Vila Kalango!


Junho geralmente é aquele mês onde as pessoas não saem muito, afinal, é quando o frio costuma chegar para valer. Não em Jeri! Aqui no nosso paraíso faz calor todos os dias e o sol nunca nos abandona!

June is usually a month where people do not go out too much in Brazil, after all, is when the cold usually reach some regions for real. Not Jericoacoara! Here in our paradise is warm every day and the sun never abandon us!

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Ah! Em junho, por conta do período de chuvas nos meses anteriores, a Lagoa Azul e a Lagoa do Paraíso estão maravilhosas! São passeios imperdíveis em qualquer época do ano, mas nesse período elas ficam cheias e muito bonitas, sem falar em toda a fauna e flora da região de Jeri…

Oh! In June, due to the rainy season in the previous months, the Blue Lagoon and Paradise Lagoon are wonderful! These tours are a must at any time of year, but at particular this time they are full and beautiful, not to mention all the fauna and flora of the region…

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Essas são algumas das tantas razões que você tem para vir para cá em junho. Outro excelente motivo são os pacotes que preparamos para o feriado de Corpus Christi (07/06). Confira:

These are some of the many reasons you have to come here in June. Another excellent reason are the packages we have prepared for the holiday of Corpus Christi (06/07). Check out:









R$780,00 (-)
Palafita Baixa/Low Stilt House








Palafita Alta (Duna)/Dune Vista High Stilts


(-) (-)

Apartamento Comfort/Apartment Comfort




Palafita Alta (Mar)/Stilt High Sea View R$870,00 (-)


Palafita Comfort/Comfort Stilt House R$870,00 R$1.090,00




Capacidade das acomodações: até 04 pessoas (01 cama de casal e 02 de solteiro)

Accommodation capacity: up to 04 people (01 double and 02 single)


• Valores por noite e por acomodação;

• Deverão ser acrescidos 05% de ISS (Imposto sobre Serviços) sob os valores das diárias;

• Check-in a partir das 14h e check-out até as 12h;

• Café da manhã incluso e servido diariamente no restaurante;

• Drink de boas-vindas no check-in;

• Wi-Fi cortesia;

• Transfer diário cortesia para o Rancho do Peixe, na Praia do Preá, de acordo com horários pré-definidos;

• Valores expressos em moeda local Brasileira (BRL);

• Valores sujeitos à alteração sem aviso prévio.

• Será exigido um mínimo de 3 noites. As datas de check-in/check-out podem ser flexíveis, desde que mantido o mínimo de 3 noites. Consulte o departamento de reservas para verificar disponibilidade.


• Values per night and per accommodation;

• They must be increased 05% ISS (Service Tax) under the daily values;

• Check-in from 14h and check-out until 12 pm;

• Breakfast included and served in the restaurant;

• Welcome Drink at check-in;

• Complimentary Wi-Fi;

• Daily complimentary transfer to Rancho do Peixe, in Prea Beach, according to predefined schedules;

• Amounts in Brazilian local currency (BRL);

• Prices subject to change without notice.

• A minimum of 3 nights is required. The dates of check-in / check-out can be flexible, since maintained a minimum of 3 nights. Consult the reservation department for availability.

Alguma dúvida de que Jericoacoara é seu destino certo para esse feriadão? Vem pra cá!

Any doubt that Jericoacoara is your right destination for this holiday? Come here!

Kite & Wind

Safety Rules

To ensure that your sailing season in Jeri is more pleasant and safe, please read carefully the following safety rules, drawn up by professionals familiar with local conditions:

  • Leewards preceding windwards: When two sailing crafts head in the same direction (they have the sail on the same side), the one who sails windwards has to give way to the leewards craft, because it is favoured by the wind. This is especially important in windsurfing, as the sailor who is leewards sails with his back to the wind, which makes it difficult for him to see the windwards sailor;
  • Starboard tack has right of way: If two windsurfers sail towards each other, the one whose right hand is the mast hand (starboard tack) has the right of way. When meeting sail boats, fishing boats, surfers etc., windsurfer have to give way, but when windsurfers encounter other sailing draft, motorboats or other powered craft, they have right of way. However, if you find yourself head-to-head with them it’s best to forget about the rules and just get out of the way;
  • It’s forbidden to sail in swimming zones, which are often separated by boundary markings. When windsurfing outside this zone, please keep a distance of about the length of your mast from others swimmers;
  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times. If you carve downwind you must make sure that nobody is about to cross your path;
  • Keep an eye on your starting point so you don’t sail too far downwind;
  • Check your equipment from time to time;
  • Always make sure you are aware of existing conditions at your windsurfing location (e.g., best/worst wind directions, tides, dangerous currents, sea urchins, shallow areas, rocks below the surface, etc.);
  • In an emergency, the most important rule is to keep a cool head and calm down. Find out what happened or what is damaged, and think about repairing it in a way that allows you to sail back ashore;
  • If it’s impossible to go on, but wind and currents can bring you to a suitable landing zone, keep holding on to your equipment and let yourself wash up there, or lay on your board and paddle there;
  • If you are in a real trouble and can’t do anything, you must make the international emergency signal to anyone who may see you. Stand or kneel on your board and wave with both arms;
  • It is forbidden to sail in the kitesurfing area (wkich is separate from the windsurfing zone by a marking buoy);
  • It is forbidden to sail out of the marking buoy that represents the limit of sailing in the open sea.
  • We thank you for following the local safety rules. Please find more information with our team from Ticowind about local sailing conditions. We are always available to answer questions and assist with anything you need.

    Have a good sailing!